Friday, October 1, 2010

NO more Mr NiCe Guy!!

Yes, its me again, today i just cannot control the flow of emotions. My emotions always let me down, else I am a hell strong man. Betrayal, this word has a lot of attachment with my personal life. My personal life which comprises mostly with my emotions, "why does it only happen with me" is the general question I used to ask myself . But from this moment today, i vow not to ask this question ever again...Because now the time has come to keep my emotions aside and face life. Its time to make one decision and stick to it, its time to teach those people a lesson who messed with my emotions. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!!!!!! If somewhere i am a good person possessing and angelic character then I DO HAVE THE SATANIC SIDE...n trust me its not pretty. People go through these kinna phases so that they can get up and face it and win the battle. I have always been a winner, I will win this time.

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